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Flash Fact-File - Epidexipteryx Hui

This little creature called Epidexypteryx Hui meaning ‘display feather’ was 25cm long (not including the tail) lived in Beijing, China approximately 163 million years ago. It was a maniraptoran which means that it was closely related to modern day birds. It is the earliest known dinosaur to have ornamental feathers. Now, despite its bird like look, you’d be surprised to know that it couldn’t actually fly, like a lot of the maniraptora. Only one fossil of this bizarre creature has been discovered and is now being held at the IVPP (Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Paleoanthropology). The Epidexipteryx had adapted well to it’s environment, forest. It’s feathers were brown and green and so was its skin, to camouflage from larger threats such as Sinraptor. It also evolved in such a way, which made hunting easier for this creature. It had an extended claw out of three on its arms to allow it to pick out and hunt grubs from the inside of trees easily. To all of my readers, I would like to inform you that after every two or three posts, I will be posting a Flash Fact-File, similar to this one you are reading. So get ready and buckle up as I introduce you to the most bizarre dinosaurs that ever walked the Earth.

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